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My Story

My Story

How long have you two been doing what you do?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today, as well as how Davidian and I teamed up, as full-time business partners, mentoring local businesses, as well as online entrepreneurs.

That defining moment, in my life, happened in 2014.

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. Lots of highs and lows.  I’ve been starting businesses since high school. Just out of college, I started a multimedia performance group out of my living room. Within four short years, we were hugely successful. Performing with major bands like Jane’s Addiction, War, compared to STOMP, performing in ten-minute segments for 10k.  It was ego success, but without the soul service satisfaction.  The transformation of this life journey is for another day.  (This group was actually featured in many books but has it’s own chapter here: “On the Edge of Utopia: Performance and ritual at Burning Man by Rachel Bowditch).


Once you find


So, after this experience I longed for service driven work.  It was then, I found my way into a health and fitness organization serving women business owners in health which turned out to be, the fastest growing franchise in the history of the US. I worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, to help grow their businesses. I traveled all over the world assisting entrepreneurs on how to increase their business success.  I also opened one of the top grossing stores in the country, selling it in 2 years for a quarter of a million dollars.  So, I have had my share of business experience.

My Story

Ultimately, I decided it was time to launch my own business reflecting my inner spiritual core. I tried as many methods as I could possibly find, but nothing really worked for me. I found and purchased a raw vegan juice bar on a whim. This is when stuff really started to go south.  You know what they say, you can’t ride high until your crash and burn and eat shizz. 

Well here is my ugly bitter crying on the tile in the bathroom life moment:

So it was a Friday night in LA’s notoriously horrific traffic. If you know LA or the 405 freeway I need not tell you what level of hell realm I was in.  I had already worked a 12-hour day, which was the norm back then. I was facing extreme exhaustion both personally and financially and was on the verge of losing my house and entire life savings. Employees were texting me 24/7 with one panic after another. It was excruciating and in my slow crawl back to my juice bar, to put out yet another fire, I got to thinking. 


I just couldn’t understand how I got to that point of failure and frustration.


There was always a push

This was not the reality I was working to create! I had studied spirituality my whole life. I even have my Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology! I’ve worked with shamanic teachers since I was in my early 20s – even Don Miguel Ruiz (before he was famous!).

I knew I could create my reality and had traveled to the ancient cities of the world, to learn everything I could about the mysteries of the world and how to best connect with Spirit. I was a seasoned seeker of the modern mystical experience and I knew better than this.

I realized that there must be a piece of the puzzle missing. This is when most people have one of those super mystical moments.  I can’t say it was that magical, but I did have a gnawing thought…that lead me to RADICALLY CHANGE MY LIFE. 

colin nekter

There was always a push

I remembered my new BF (yes, Davidian, my now amazing fiancé and business partner in this work) had told me I was a Projector in Human Design and we weren’t designed to work these long hours?  He also said in Human Design if you commit to living your unique Success Code, your life will unfold you to awaken to your life purpose.  So, because nothing explained me better than this (everything I heard about being a Projector pretty much nailed me!).  I decided in that moment, to sell the store, and study everything there was to know about Human Design!  

This is when things started to unfold in a much easier way for me. The bitterness and pain melted away.  Now, just for the sake of the transparency, I did go through a FULL ON dark night of the soul, trying to sell the store, being unable to work at the store during this process and being on the verge of losing my entire investment because I was willing to walk away if it didn’t sell.  So, once that fiasco was completed, and I survived.  I began to notice doors slowly opening.  More than that I began to relax into WHO I REALLY WAS.

Did I become a millionaire the next day in my business—no!  However, I was given everything I needed each step to invest in high-end coaching, receive my first clients, launch my Purpose Produced Program, it was so MUCH FUN!!  Where the juice bar daily grind—was pretty much worse torture than having your teeth pulled daily.  So, my bliss in living my JOY began!! 

I started to feel satisfied, which only deepened as I aligned more and more with my truth. Up until that point, I had worked with a ton of coaches, strategists, and spiritual teachers and realized that there was exciting, new intel available on the planet teaching how to have a successful life. And it was working for me for the VERY FIRST TIME!

There was always a push

Davidian and I began to pore over everything we could find about Human Design. We were so intrigued and excited by the intel, we began to LIVE IT FULL-TIME, and decided to work as a team.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, as in something we did with our MINDS, but rather as we dedicated ourselves to living our Design, things magically unfolded that way!

Soon friends and loved ones were coming to us for guidance. It became clear that helping people find the missing pieces of their puzzles was my (and our) true purpose. 

With Davidian’s help, I found a new way to live and thrive within the ever-changing tide and started showing other spiritually-minded entrepreneurs how they can do the same and then watched them change their lives, by allowing their own uniqueness to guide them too!


We have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of our professional life to helping others achieve their goals.  We do this through a variety of different ways.  If you are a beginning entrepreneur, we set you up with foundational tools to first understand your message and then launch online.  If you are a 6-figure entrepreneur and are ready to scale up—we assist you to cut through all the marketing out there and create a lead funnel and lead acquisition machine that exponentially drives brand awareness. It will increase leads, new sales, and scales your business to the next level.

Davidian and I have now helped hundreds of our clients and thousands with our content.  
I personally, have been featured as an expert in various fields, spoken on several podcasts and radio shows, on ABC local news, The Tyra Banks Show, and The View.
I’ve also been in Spiritual Badass Magazine and recently, at the time of this writing, glossed the cover of Spiritual Biz Magazine.   
We’re laser-focused on one primary goal: BRINGING OUR CLIENTS GREAT RESULTS and we do that through our more esoteric means of determining how YOU, as an individual are wired to achieve your best outcome, through our more mundane yet powerful Facebook tools and techniques, or through our done-for-you Facebook ad agency services, and any combination therein.

About Headline



We serve entrepreneurs who are committed to having a fruitful business that they love, that also represents their TRUTH.  For those trying to cope with low energy and struggling to survive a 40-hour work week, we share how to do much more in less time.  For those who are tired of their words of wisdom and deep insights, falling upon deaf ears, we show you how to get noticed.  For those who aren’t too great at sales, because they don’t feel good charging their value, when sharing their spiritual gifts, we teach the art of sacred sales and help them understand how to, and why they must, monetize their unique gifts. For those, who’s business is in its infancy, and are having difficulty making sales or launching it online, we offer our foundational business products and coaching services.  Using our unique blend of spiritual, mindset, and grounded business tools, we assist those who feel stuck and dissatisfied in their current corporate jobs and desperately seeking an exit to live a more freedompreneur lifestyle. Our aim is to help you successfully launch your online spiritual business, so you can escape any soul-killing drudgery you’re experiencing, as a result of not living your true life purpose. Our Biz Initiation program is based on you, as a unique individual, not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter formula, so it’s particularly helpful for people who’ve tried other business programs and were unable to figure out why their successful coach’s hyped-up, perfect winning formula, didn’t work for THEM. In fact, we always say that our program should be the first program you use, so you can quickly determine if other programs are right for you, no matter the topic. We also work with local and online 6-figure entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up their already successful businesses:
Those who want to build their brand and establish a strong online presence. Those ready to covert the 100 or so monthly motivated toasty-warm leads we bring them into happy loyal customers.
Although we’ll occasionally touch upon time-management and other “business coachy” things, we’re Business Consultants who specialize in marrying grounded business techniques with Human Design strategy, Mindset quality, and Transformational tools. We work on honing your inner and outer principals for success, looking closely at your business and sales results, from an organic and spiritual perspective. What that means to you is that you get a wise-sage-meets-kick-butt authentic sales and marketing coaching experience. We’re very spiritual and don’t pretend otherwise or try to hide our WOO WOO. 😍 I am a Splenic Projector, in the moment here to guide and direct your success without frustration and to awaken the spiritual wisdom and master within your business. Davidian is here to provide clarity, freak to genius copy insight for a massive shift in online results, and empower new directions towards financial cashflow. We focus on showing you how to unleash your true unique genius, create your business to reflect your purpose and remove the obstacles blocking your cashflow. I don’t beat around bush. I quickly guide you where to STOP wasting your time, power, and energy in your process and redirect it to where it belongs, so that you can focus on doing the higher pay, cash-generating activities sooner. Infused with inspiration, our programs reveal the depth of who you are and provide high-vibe, high-value tools to unleash your MANIFESTOR MOJO, in your own unique way (no matter what “Aura Type” you are)! And through our R & D Leading-Edge Online Marketing “done-for-you” services, we work closely with online and local businesses, to establish their particular revenue goals and growth plans for the year, assist them with their ad copy / images, their sales funnel creation, their email automation, and more. Leveraging everything we’ve learned and continue to learn as perpetual students, ourselves, we tailor a winning campaign for your business to bring you tons of hot leads!  We do everything, but turn them into customers, that part is on you!  We heat ‘em up and you close ‘em!
For those of you who are want to LEARN HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, we offer an online DIY program, to assist you in launching your unique genius online, based on your Human Design and unique life purpose.  This program helps you uncover what makes you different, where you are strong and where you are vulnerable, and the specific medicine you are here to bring your clients, so you can better align with your truth and communicate and your unique message.  This program is chock-full of incredible, grounded online business tools and techniques, as well, to assist woo-woo-preneurs in more easily navigating the more mundane business world.  This program offers a holistic approach to business that bridges both worlds (the mystical and the mundane). 
To Learn More About The Biz Initiation, click HERE.
If you would like to know if this is right for you…you can obtain our FREE 3-Part Video Training, by clicking HERE.
This program is not designed for those who are not curious about themselves or finding out how they tick and why the experience life the way they do. Those unwilling to look at their “stuff” and/or those who are not willing to change how they live their life, even if it leads to greatly improving the success and satisfaction they experience, also need not apply.
The Biz Initiation program was created for people who are absolutely excited, dedicated, and dead serious about breaking out of their rut, bursting through resistance, making more money and ending what I call “the spinning anxiety syndrome”, which means not running around all day long, beating yourself up anymore saying: “I should be doing WAY better than this in my business by now!” You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of thinking with my full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: confidence and cash flow, consistently and in record time. Being a high achieving go-getter myself (even as a Projector who can only work Part-Time), I’m known to work best with other high achieving go-getters, people who are committed to their success no matter what, who are super-ready to get going and just want to know exactly what steps to take to get clients. Prior to our starting working together, my clients often tell me, “I’ve tried it all before, but I know one piece of the success puzzle is still missing”.  I provide this missing piece, whether it’s your success strategy, solidifying your business model that’s now aligned with your true purpose, your upgraded mindset, or a combination of all three.  In the Biz Initiation program, you’ll put systems in place, within a few months (sometimes weeks!), which will lead to you gaining more confidence, visibility, and finally attracting more clients, so you can make more money and create the business and lifestyle of your dreams. Now, that’s what I call FREEDOM. Consider what you’ll do with me to be a high-octane crash course on everything you need to know, to succeed in your business.
You can expect to
Understand yourself on a whole new level.
Massive AHA shifts.
Inspiration to take immediate action!
Learn techniques to turn your shadow into your superpower.
Live your purpose and passion.
Monetize your mission.
Learn how to Identify and call in your soul-mate clients.
Create content that your clients recognize is what they need, for their transformation.
Create evergreen free gifts that create ongoing lead capture.
Create your Purpose Produced Program that aligns with your truth and creates results for your clients!
Make more money in your purpose.
Learn time saving techniques, including where you are wasting precious time and energy.
Make more $ in less time by working SMARTER not HARDER.
Increase your confidence.
Understand your online marketing and social media.
KNOW WHO YOU ARE and how to monetize your unique genius!
Learn how to Launch by Design.
Close sales without that sleazy feeling.
Receive plenty of resources (i.e. templates, worksheets and scripts).
Create massive exposure and visibility for your business.
Does this really work? Yes! The result of our working together is an approach to shifting your mindset and your marketing, so that with time and consistency, you’ll skyrocket your cash flow, as well as your confidence in your ability to manifest. (See Testimonials)
Hear about some of the powerful experiences my clients have had, doing this life changing work.  Putting these pieces together with Human Design, Mindset, and grounded business tools, as well as the BG5 intel, creates profound business empowerment and has a gigantic personal impact, as well.
Client testimonials
That depends on how quickly you can make those inner shifts. Some clients are ready to go and sky rocket their success in a very short time frame, sometimes in as little as a few weeks, while others have a bit more work to do first. It also depends on how far along you are in business, if you have a website up already, or some of the other systems I’ll help you put in place, to help you leverage yourself. Expect to learn a great deal about yourself. You’re really not who you think you are and even just on a personal level, the information you discover about yourself in the Biz Initiation program, will be invaluable.
Do all of your homework. Follow my advice. Be totally committed to your success. Understand that this is a process, a proven one, that works if you take action and implement all of the steps. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of the Biz initiation have successfully grown their businesses, or started one, in much less time than they would have on their own AND have made more money than they’ve made doing what they currently do.  Many who were already 6-figure income earners, were able to move out of frustration and burn-out, so they could enjoy the success they were having.
First of all, congratulations on making a decision for success! We are happy to work with you to achieve your business goals… We prefer to work one on one with our clients to really help them FASTER results and am now offering more intense programs. To get started with sky rocketing your confidence and your cash flow, make more money and have more time available to do what you like, here are the different programs and products that we’ve created for you. 
There are 4 ways to work with us.  
1.   The VIP Biz Initiation Mastermind: a 10-week 5 Figure Facebook Live Launch By Design. 
This is a program will help you investigate your unique genius, expose it to the world, and monetize your purpose! Understanding where you true power really comes from, how to increase your cash flow, and manifest what you want, without the frustration, bitterness or burnout, you may be experiencing currently.  This program shows you the proper actions to attract business to you, without your constant need to push harder and it includes a comprehensive deep dive into your Aura Strategy and Inner Authority, as well as shed light on your Defined and Undefined Centers. Apply for a massive, Break-Through Strategy Session, if you feel this program is a fit for you!
2.  Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Program (DIY)
You are an action taker, rule breaker and just need the tools and you are off and running.  Do our Do-it-yourself Biz Program that offers everything you need to know to launch your online biz by design. 
3.  Human Design Inner Odyssey (DIY)
If you just want to take a deep dive through your Human Design chart, this is a moving, powerful journey through your Aura Strategy, Inner Authority, Defined and Undefined Centers. Learn how you were Designed to find your Signature Theme. Is it Satisfaction, Success, Peace, or Surprise at the beauty of life? Discover how you were Designed to make a correct decision. HINT: It’s not your Mind. You’ll also gain insight into what are your strengths and where you’re particularly vulnerable.
4.  Mystical Mindset Power Boost (DIY)
The Mystical Mindset Power Boost is the inner intel upgrade THAT CHANGES THE INNER GAME!  If your MIND is doubting that you have what it takes to live your CEO Biz Dream (I’m too old-stupid-stuck-broke___ fill in the blank) then this little program is FOR YOU and it costs less than a date night!!

And If you are interested in our FREE entry level offer, please join our 7-Day Money Power Miracle Challenge!  This 7-Day Journey is FREE, but it will jump start your money miracle, so you can stand in your power and awaken your goddesspreneur, in no time!
If you would like to have our team answer any further questions, just email us at support@raquelreyna.com
We stand for your abundance and uncovering your unique genius!

Blessings Galore,
Raquel and Davidian
As for our Done-For-You services, we only work with those who are already running a much liked, well-reviewed (via Google or Yelp), successful 6-figure (minimum) company, and simply want to continually generate consistent, warm, motivated leads. 
In addition to your having an already successful company with services that your existing clients value highly, our expectation is that you have a solid, consistent sales closing ratio… in other words, be capable of closing and retaining the many leads we bring you. 
These are prerequisites we have in selecting you for our Done-For-You Facebook Ad Agency Services.
We value OUR success, as well, so if you don’t have a product or service that people want, or are not satisfying your customers, or can’t close the sale with motivated “buyers”, we prefer you check out the Biz Initiation program, presuming you meet that criteria (see above “What type of professionals is The Biz Initiation not good for?”) 
Our aim is simply to bring successful companies more warm leads and/or foot traffic, which, if you are successful, should be your only kryptonite!  Most of our Done-For-You Facebook Ad Agency Services clients simply want to acquire more leads with less work and not worry if the phone will ring, and this is where we come in. We offer additional a la carte services as well, such as creating your email auto-responder campaign and establishing/optimizing your Facebook Business Page to increase your brand awareness and social media presence for additional lead targeting/acquisition. 
We expect that you will be able to receive at least 100 new leads in a two-week period, during our 2-week free test drive. This is only FREE in the sense that we will not charge you any set-up fee to establish your Facebook Ad account, create your re-targeting pixel, your sales funnel and opt-in, or your ad campaign (including ad copy, images, and audience targeting). You will still need to pay for the cost of the ads (ad spend), which is usually based on your business type and competition, but that will be paid directly to Facebook, so we will not receive a penny for our efforts. Incidentally, before we go LIVE with our sales funnel opt-in or Facebook ad, we will be sure to get your approval and we’ll be sure to confirm the current offering that you want to promote.  OUR expectation is that after this 2-week period you will be blown away by our results and be eager to discuss how you can continue to work with us.
To get a better idea of what sort of outcome we are discussing, let’s say your client acquisition, or what you stand to gain IN PROFIT from a new customer over a year period is $700.  To reiterate, that means that your average client will spend more than $700 dollars on your services in a year’s time, but after all expenses have been accounted for, your net profit average per customer is $700.  Let us also say that you are able to close 10% of all potential customers who walk through your door.  If you obtain an additional 500 (appropriate) warm leads, from us, based on this equation, we’d be talking about your average net profit increasing by an additional $35K.  Of course, this number will vary, based on your particular client acquisition numbers, and you’d also need to subtract the advertising expense, which is the Facebook ad spend + our fees. We will be glad to help you figure out what your possible results could be.
To see if you may qualify, please apply HERE.
The leads we generate can come very quickly within 2 weeks of turning on our client acquisition machine.  After your 2-week trial run, test-driving our golden goose, we’ll discuss our monthly maintenance fee, as well as the time-frame to develop additional funnels, ad content, images, and any other a la carte services we offer, that you may be interested in.
Once the ads are up an running, leads will begin to generate right away.
Does this really work?
YES!  If you would like to discover, if you’re biz is the right fit for our services, please complete our application HERE.

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