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Crystal Iris


Raquel’s program is phenomenal!

I’ve grown tremendously since learning about my Human Design from Raquel’s Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Model. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs and never received the amount of results that I have in such short time. Since this program, I was able to easily recruit 12 people into my 10 day program within 48 hours and up sell 60% of those individuals into a new 4-week program or other private services.

I’ve gained excellent testimonials and received wonderful feedback. Raquel as the mastermind of this program is beautiful from the inside out. Her generosity, selflessness and support along this journey is amazing. I’m so blessed and thankful that she’s answered her call.

I’ve grown tremendously since learning about my Human Design from Raquel’s Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Model. It has created a huge awareness for me in the way that I interact with people and in the way that I live my day to day life.

Transformation Speaker and Coach

Mini Moons


The Revolutionary Spiritualized Launch Vision moved my business to the next level.

I felt that time was running out and I needed to start my business. I learned from The Revolutionary Spiritualized Launch Vision program I could do it. I learned how to be my own person, which is why it’s been so hard trying to fit into the mold I perceived others expected of me.

I was lost in other people’s trainings rather than finding my true purpose in my own program. Now I’m more self-aware and have realized through understanding my Human Design map that I need to put my authentic self into my programs. I also now have the courage to do so.

Since doing this program, I have been invited to do fashion shows for coaches all this while creating the signature program that is ready to be launched online.

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone wanting to launch their business online, I am going deeper than ever into discovering who I am, who I am here to serve, and exactly what action I need to take to move forward and see results.

In the past I was often very resistant to taking action and procrastinating. In the Revolutionary Spiritualized Launch Vision is was given a clear structure that forced me to take action and moved my business to the next level. Raquel keeps us accountable and guides us in a very loving way so we do not give up.

CEO + Founder, Head Coach of Mini Moons Ruth

Faith Presley


I think that if more people created from the space that is taught in the Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Model, entrepreneurs would understand their purpose first and their businesses would be far easier to create success.

I absolutely would highly recommend this program to others, I think all entrepreneurs would benefit from this.

Programs in the past have not worked for my unique profile. After the Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz program I became aware that what works for others may not work for me.

I believe it’s important to discover what’s true for us and to let that lead the way to success and fulfillment.

When starting the Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Program, I was ready to discover a new way to more deeply tune into what works for me and is right for me so that I could more easily share my ideas with others in a big way.

I was frustrated because I felt like I was doing all the right things to create a more successful business that helped people but at some point I would change directions because the methods I was being taught weren’t working for me.

I ended up spending a lot of time helping people for free because it was too hard for me to figure out a good way to everything together in a way that I felt good about instead of would feel good about sharing. I work differently than other people and I was finished letting others try to shove me into a mold because that was the only way they knew how to work.

One of the benefits of taking this course is that and it helps create your business from your true self. I think that will make stronger businesses. Also I recommend it because Raquel takes the time to listen and answer everyone’s questions and she is always there to support us!

Enchantress of Change

Stephanie Mathews


You have changed my life!

I am a manifesting generator and have never understood why all my services that I wanted to get out into the world were sizzling out so quickly.

Since listening to your teleconference a couple months ago and you said, “Stephanie you are to wait to respond!” My whole world is falling into place literally by magic!

I am also super excited about the new golden path that you are on. The universe is catching up to my entire shift of being that has occurred and am I really excited to see where this goes. I am so completely blessed by you!

I was talking to Linda Albright the other day, and I told her how much I loved your everything! I am shifting from full time mommy to part time momtrepreneur! Thank you!

Magical Mothering Mentor

Keana Jones


After having my first initial Human Design reading, I became aware that there are great things inside of me and great things ahead!

I really appreciate Raquel Reyna and the work she brings to the Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz Model!

Thank you Raquel for your all of you warm words of encouragement as you coach this program. I have felt every one of them. Bless you for all that you do and have done in changing the lives of people and changing my life!

I wouldn’t be on the road of living my life as I am currently doing without you and this Revolutionary Spiritualized Biz program. You have blessed me so much!

Thank you very much for helping me understand my chart! I had a lot of revelations, insights, and lifelong questions answered.

Most of all I had the energy and power to move forward in my life and business as I am embracing “wholeness” since last week! I know when I am authentic I can be a powerhouse.

For many years and sometimes still to this day, I feel misunderstood by love one when I do things in a loving way. Now, I feel more like I can be me and do things unapologetically so I can do what I was called to do and designed to do.

I am so loving all of this work!!!! It has got me excited!!!

Founder + CEO, KRJ Resources

Sonia Bhalia


Discovering my purpose aligned my career powerfully.

The specific strategies for my unique design helped me set up a routine and the productivity was through the roof! I found my purpose and stuck to it, after the training without hesitation.

Raquel, is so kind, gentle and wise beyond her years.

Film Maker + Entrepreneur

Shelley Cerny


My training with Raquel was by far the most illuminating and detailed Human Design information I’ve ever had.

Learning my Human Biz design gave my business the confidence and sense of strength I needed for every business interaction every day.


Kate Siner

Kate Siner

I highly recommend her!

Since working with Raquel, I have recommended her to quite a few people. I was impressed by her ability to transmit information about my design that allowed me to learn important lessons about how I can work more powerfully and have a greater positive impact with everything that I do. The most noticeable effect of our work together has been that I get more done by working less hard and I feel better while doing it.

Personal & Entrepreneurial Mentor, Author & Speaker

Amanda Moxley

Amanda Moxley

Your human design rocked my world!

Raquel you are so good at what you do. Your Human Design Rocked my world! Thank you so much, it is a game changer!

Amanda Moxley
The Healthy Wealthy Biz Mentor

Video Testomonials

Video Testomonials


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